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Cup (8 x 7.2cm) & Cup (8.4 x 7.8 x 10.4cm)
2001945 & 2001946 - From RM3.50 

Upgrade your office beverage experience with the perfect Cup, an essential for every desk! This adorable and stylish cup is designed to ensure you stay refreshed throughout the workday. Whether you're sipping coffee during a morning meeting or enjoying a cold drink during a break, this cup is a reliable companion. Plus, the charming design adds a touch of personality to your workspace. Stay hydrated and energized with this must-have office essential that combines function and style! 

Women Rabbit Ear Indoor Slippers & Women Carrot Indoor Slippers
9038873 & 874 - From RM14.90 

Bring comfort to your workday with cozy Indoor Slippers, an office must-have! Perfect for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, these slippers are ideal for long hours at your desk or quick trips around the office. Made from soft materials, they provide excellent support and relaxation for tired feet. Their slip-on design makes them easy to wear, ensuring maximum convenience. Treat yourself to the comfort of indoor slippers and transform your office into a cozy haven. 

Pupu Gel Pen
2002004 - RM3.70 

Make every stroke count with the Pupu Gel Pen, an essential tool for your office arsenal! Whether you're jotting down notes, signing documents, or brainstorming ideas, the Pupu Gel Pen ensures clarity and precision with every mark. Its sleek design and vibrant colors add a touch of fun to your writing experience with the Pupu Gel Pen! 

Squishy Toys
2001936, 938 & 939 - From RM5.30 

Relieve stress and boost focus with Squishy Toys, a playful and essential addition to any office! These soft, squeezable toys are perfect for taking a break and decompressing during a hectic workday. Their fun shapes and textures provide a satifying sensory experience that helps reduce tensions and improve concentration. Squishy Toys are not only entertaining but also promote mental well-being, making them a must-have for a balanced and productive workspace! 

CHOKI CHOKI Chocolate Paste (5's x 9g)
9750809 - RM1.70 RM1.60 

Indulge in a delicious mid-day treat with CHOKI CHOKI Chocolate Paste, an office essential for sweet tooths! Conveniently packaged for easy snacking, this rich and creamy chocolate paste offers a delightful burst of flavor to brighten your workday. Perfect for a quick energy boost, it can be enjoyed straight from the tube or spread on your favorite snacks. Keep a stash in your desk drawer for those moments when you need a delicious pick me-up. 

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