Great Deals with Pilihan Mat Dollah

Step into the world of Mat Dollah, a character inspired by the legendary "uncle motorcycle" selling an array of delicious buns, fondly known as "Babu Roti" in Malaysia. Mat Dollah holds a special place in our hearts, evoking cherished childhood memories. 

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey with Mat Dollah, where every ride is filled with adrenaline and pure enjoyment. Come and be a part of this extraordinary experience, as we celebrate the spirit of adventure and create lasting memories together. 

Rose Gold Bracelet watch

9101426 - RM12.50

Experience the allure of elegance, style, and luxury. Embrace the timeless beauty of a rose gold bracelet watch, as it becomes an essential accessory for all. This exquisite timepiece not only enhances one's appearance but also instills confidence and grace in the wearer. 

MR.DIY Basket

2000672 - RM 4.30

Say goodbye to untidiness! It's time to bid adieu to clutter and welcome tidiness into your life. Elevate your home organization by incorporating a dependable and efficient basket organizer. Watch as your living space transforms into a well-organized haven with the help of this practical organizational solution. 

MRDIY Cat Gift Bag

2000497 - RM3.30

Bring a delightful surprise to your friends and family with a cat-themed gift bag. Celebrate the cat lover in your life by presenting them with this adorable and charming cat gift bag that is sure to impress. Share joyful moments together and ensure that the recipient feels truly special with this thoughtful gesture. 

Konjac Jelly Assorted

9754425 - 428 - 1@RM5.00 [email protected]

Snack-to-go with konjac jelly and different flavors of konjac jelly can be a fun and adventurous way to explore new taste sensations. Tear and sip! It has its own unique texture and refreshing taste. Fun addition to lunchboxes as a dessert after lunch. 

Premier Kitchen Towel

9763997 - RM14.90 RM12.90

High quality kitchen towel by Premier, designed for all your kitchen needs. Each sheet of Premier Kitchen Towel is designed to be tear-resistant, ensuring that it holds up well during use. Whether you're cooking, baking, or simply cleaning up, Premier Kitchen Towel is your reliable companion for maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen. 

As we have introduced the diverse range of Pilihan Mat Dollah, have you found yourself wondering about Mat Dollah? Mark your calendar from 6th December 2023 until 19th December 2023 to quench your curiosity and meet our Mat Dollah. Engage in a friendly conversation with Abang Sado and discover what makes him such a beloved figure in the community. A lot of activities will be done during our meet, click here to know more about our Mat Dollah πŸ‘‰πŸ»