Celebrate Your Lunar New Year with MR.DOLLAR

The Spring Festival is a time-honored celebration deeply rooted in rich traditions and symbolism. The significant and widely observed festival in Chinese culture, it marks the beginning of the lunar new year. Usually it's marked by vibrant decorations, family gatherings, sumptuous feasts, and age-old customs aimed at welcoming good fortune, prosperity, and happiness into the coming year. 

MAMEE Monster Family Pack Assorted (8’s x 25g)
9750538 - (RM2.99 WM / RM3.30 EM)

Chinese New Year 2024 is about sharing and caring. Let’s share with friends and family during gatherings. The crunchy Mamee assorted snacks, featuring a mix of different taste preferences. Discovering new flavors and rediscovering old favorites in one convenient pack. Yum Yum!!

TONG GARDEN Chestnut Without Shell (120g)
9750612 - ([email protected] WM / [email protected] EM)

Perfect snack quick and go! Enjoying chestnuts easier with their ready-to-eat, shell-free variety. The effortless snacking experience can be served during any celebrations.  

LAY’s Assorted (50g - 170g)
9756652 - (RM 3.00 WM / RM3.30 EM)

The satisfying crunch of a Lay's chip makes it a popular choice for snacking during movie nights or gatherings. Crunchy delivers consistent quality and delicious flavors in every pack. Tear, Take and Ngap! Nyum Nyum… 

MAMA Instant Cup Rice Vermicelli Assorted (50g-55g)
9764181-182 - (RM 2.80 WM / RM3.10 EM) 

A convenient cup for each serving is a fusion of delicious rice vermicelli noodles with an assortment of savory seasonings and spices, promising a culinary adventure with every bite. Quick, tasty and mama-cooked! 

DRINHO Drinks Assorted (250ml x 6)
9751847-849 - (RM 4.65 WM / RM5.15 EM)

Refreshing and aromatic with assorted drinks, a delightful fusion of sweet flavor and natural goodness. Enjoy the premium quality fruit juice in every sip, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and shared experience together.