Encourage Togetherness This Hari Raya with MR.DOLLAR

In the heart of bustling preparations, MR.DOLLAR serves as a beacon of convenience, offering an array of necessities that bring poeple together in celebration. Together, these essentials not only fulfill practical needs but also embody the timeless values of generosity, warmth, and inclusivity that define the spirit of Hari Raya. As we gather around tables laden with treats and hearts brimming with joy, let us embrace the essence of community and unity, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make this season truly special. 

MAMEE Monster Family Pack Assorted (8 x 25g) 
9750538-539, 9762305 & 9763235 - RM2.99 WM / RM3.30 EM 

Indulge in the crunch of MAMEE Monster Snacks, a beloved bites during Hari Raya, as households welcome guests with open arms and tantalizing treats. These crispy delights, bursting with flavor, offer a satisfying munch for guests of all ages, igniting conversations and bonding moments. From spicy to savory, they cater to every palate, adding a dash of excitement to the festivities, ensuring that joy permeates every corner of the home. 

RIBENA Drink Assorted (170ml - 330ml) 
9750673-674 & 9762310-311 - [email protected] 

Quench your thirst and give a boost to your spirits with Ribena Drink, an essential refreshment for Hari Raya gatherings. Bursting with the tangy sweetness of ripe berries, this iconic beverage leaves a lingering feeling of satisfaction. Whether enjoyed over laughter-filled conversations or sipped leisurely under the warm embrace of family reunions, Ribena Drink is a cherished companion that adds a burst of flavor to every festive moment, ensuring that Hari Raya celebrations are brimming with joy and vitality. 

Women Bracelet Watch 
9101423 & 9101426 - RM12.50 

Timeless elegance meets practicality with the Women Bracelet Watch, a must-have accessory during Hari Raya festivities. As they juggle preparations and welcome guests with grace, this stylish timepiece ensures they stay punctual and poised throughout the bustling celebrations. With its delicate design, it adds a touch of sophistication to every outfit, enhancing the charm of the occasion. This watch becomes an indispensable companion, reflecting the timeless beauty of Hari Raya tradition. 

Cup With Straw (10 x 18cm) & (10 X 22.5cm) 
2001835 & 836 - RM6.90 & RM7.50 

Quench thirst with the Cup With Straw, an essential item for refreshment during Hari Raya gatherings. As the temperature rises and festivities heat up, guests young and old can sip on cool beverages with ease, rejuvenating their spirits amidst the lively celebrations. With its convenient design and vibrant colors, this cup becomes a beacon of hospitality. Whether filled with homemade refreshments or fruity concoctions, it symbolizes the spirit of sharing and generosity that defines Hari Raya. 

GLADE Scented Gel Assorted (2’s x 180g) 
9160794-797 & 9160852-853 - RM15.00 WM / RM15.90 EM 

Transform homes into havens of tranquility and freshness with GLADE Scented Gel, an indispensable addition to Hari Raya preparations. As hosts strive to create welcoming environments for guests, this aromatic gel infuses spaces with enchanting fragrances, evoking feelings of comfort and serenity. From floral bouquets to exotic spices, each scent transports visitors on a sensory journey, leaving lasting impressions of warmth and hospitality. This scented gel becomes a staple in every household, enhancing the ambiance of Hari Raya celebrations.