Time to Stock Up Your Back to School Essentials

Embrace the excitement of a new school year with our vibrant Back to School range! Explore our curated selection of backpacks, notebooks, and more, designed to make this academic season unforgettable. Head to the MR.DOLLAR store now and discover fantastic deals that will have you geared up and ready for success. Let's shop together and make this Back to School season one to remember! 

MR.DIY Black Student Socks (Size 19-20, 21-22, 23-24, 25-26) 
9096541 - 544 - RM2.90 RM2.50

Step into the new academic year with confidence and comfort. Let’s avoid unpleasant smells in the classroom by finding a perfect pair of school socks. Complete your school wardrobe and put your best foot forward with confidence. 

MR.DIY Pencil Case Set 
8950280 - RM5.50 RM4.30 

Unleash your creativity with our DIY pencil case set! Organize your school supplies in a case that's uniquely yours. Color, decorate, and make a statement as you head back to school in style. 

Notebook Keychain
8952834 - RM2.20 RM1.70 

Keep your thoughts close at hand with our notebook keychain! It's the perfect way to jot down ideas on the go. Stay organized and ready for inspiration wherever your school day takes you. 

MR.DIY Correction Tape (4’s) 
8952674 - RM5.90 RM4.70 

Say goodbye to mistakes with our reliable Correction Tape! Perfect for precise, clean fixes, it's the essential tool for every student and professional. Keep your work pristine and error-free, one smooth correction at a time. Shop now and ensure your work stands out for all the right reasons! 

MR.DIY Gem Art Craft Kit 
8950903 - RM6.90 RM5.50 

Unleash your creativity with our Gem Art Craft Kit! Sparkle and shine as you create dazzling masterpieces with ease. Dive into a world of artistic brilliance and bring your imagination to life. Get ready to craft, dazzle, and shine bright!