Raya Shopping Sakan with MR.DOLLAR!

Can you believe that you can enjoy Hari Raya to the fullest without spending a lot? Yes, you heard it right! With our Raya Serba Baharu promotions, you can manage your budget well and still be able to enjoy this festive season. From foods to house essentials, you name it. Hari Raya calls for an open house and a time of forgiveness and strengthening of bonds amongst family members and relatives. Here are some of the essentials that could help during open house as well as strengthening the bonds:

WHITE CASTLE Cookies Assorted (210g) 
9762910 & 911 (2 for RM5.00 WM / RM5.50 EM)

Kuih Raya nowadays are really pricey and it's hard to find an affordable one. For the sake of keeping the tradition and Raya vibe alive, how about switching to WHITE CASTLE Cookies? You could save your pocket while enjoying Hari Raya. It is such a good catch considering the price and yet it is packed with sensational rich butter aroma and crunchy texture.

HOJA Sunflower Seeds Assorted (100g) 
8830007 & 009 (2 for RM5.00 WM / RM5.50 EM)

"We're about to go now" is a straight up lie when you have these in front of you. These Sunflower Seeds have an amazing power to it as it could make a boring conversation turn to 2 hour long discourse! It is an essential food to have whenever you have a visitor, especially during Hari Raya as it can bring people closer. 

WHISKAS Pouch Cat Food Assorted (80g) 
9750452 - 456 (3 for RM5.00 WM / RM5.50 EM)

Who says that only us humans celebrate Hari Raya? Cats celebrate it too! Here is a little thing that can be substituted and serve as “Rendang” for them. An even better idea? Give these as a “Duit Raya” to your cats! Don’t forget stray cats too. 

AMBI PUR Gel Fresh Assorted (180g) 
9750117, 118 & 120 (RM7.00 WM / RM7.70 EM)

Visiting houses during Hari Raya feels more pleasurable when the house smells like a field of flowers. No matter how heavenly your Raya foods smells like, you might want to keep the odor from sticking around. What are you waiting for? Fill the house with these and turn it into a flower field!

WIN Dishwashing Assorted (400g) 
9753740 & 741 (2 for RM5.00 WM / RM5.50 EM) 

Hari Raya food is known for its oiliness and sometimes it leaves stains. So if you are thinking of inviting your friends to come over and forget to prepare a disposable plate, worry no more. Do your dishes at ease with WIN as it is effective in cleaning stubborn grease stains with just 1 wash. 

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